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Genjep, Balian of Dayak Maanyan

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For Maanyan Dayak communities in the border area of ​​South Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan, Genjep was one of a respected village shaman. In addition to conducting traditional rituals related to death Dayak Maanyan, he also tries to attract young people for traditional rituals remain sustainable.
If I die, do not know whether to be buried with traditional rituals aruh staring or not anymore. Whatever happens, I am still trying to maintain this tradition while capable, "said Genjep affirm his determination.
The Dayak Maanyan rather live among the local Tabalong District, East Barito Regency, and South Barito. In the community, Genjep familiarly called Mama Uci, referring to the name of her first child.
During this time he was one of the village shaman of the "little" women a respected figure Maanyan Dayak community, especially in the Village Warukin, District of Tanta, Tabalong regency, South Kalimantan.
He became the village shaman (female shaman), spiritual leaders Maanyan Dayak women who serve the demand led the local ceremonial rituals. Although most residents are Christian, Catholic, and Islam.
"Back then, the number balian lot. Now, shaman woman only a few people. In addition to its growing number of traditional rituals are rarely held, too many people do not want to be a shaman, "he said.
Since Sunday (11 / 7) then, with three purchases hamlet Genjep lead aruh ritual (ceremony) or aruh mambuntang staring at Warukin. Aruh staring is the ceremonial raising spirits from the grave to heaven. This death-related rituals held Luit Pardi family to his parents, Utau, who died 30 years ago.
The procession was believed to be how to put the spirits to "father" of the highest in the home. In the public trust Kaharingan adherents, the original religion of the Dayak community, parents or ancestors will give blessing to future generations who are still alive.
During the last aruh staring, about five days, almost all the responsibility Genjep procession. He is preparing a variety of offerings as an element of ritual, summoning and communicating with spirits, and lifted it to heaven. His job as mediator.
In addition to preparing the offerings in the hall (house on stilts), Genjep also led the process bamamang (cast a spell). He along with three other women do it with shaman ritual dances accompanied Dadas tinkling bangles, brass bracelets worn by the shaman.
They wear traditional clothes typical village shaman, in the form tapih bahalai, batik cloth wrapped around his chest. Then, on the back tucked into a keris. He also wore a headband.
"Anyone doing this ritual, I am accompanied by three other shaman. At least one of their young age, around 35-40 years. I hope that, by involving the village shaman who are young, we are able to maintain this ritual tradition, "said Genjep explain his efforts to preserve the tradition, although she admitted that a shaman is not easy.
Apart from having trained, numerous Maanyan Dayak ritual, a shaman also must master and memorize all the spells used. "All of that can not be learned through books because there is no book. Young Balian must learn to sit directly to the oldest village shaman, "he said.
The physical condition of a shaman also be prime because of traditional rituals that can last up to nine days continuously. That's not including preparation. When aruh staring held, practically Genjep could only sleep a few moments.
Expertise grandmother
Leading the traditional rituals performed Genjep since 1968. His expertise as a village shaman began when he was 12 years old. Currently sitting in fourth grade public school, he was asked to continue the expertise of his grandmother, Pembekal Lingut.
The grandmother, Pembekal Lingut, was one of the "clever" in Tamiang Fly. Genjep remember, one of the procession being undertaken to transfer knowledge is to bamandi-bath or shower cleanses the body.
After that, small Genjep required to memorize a variety of spells. Then, for about 22 years continuously Genjep follow his grandmother every time there staring aruh. After a 42-year-old, believed to lead the new Genjep aruh staring rituals.
"I was taken from school, I cried because it did not want to (become balian hamlet). Then the grandmother said, unfortunately it if no one is diutuskan be a shaman. What may make, eventually going well, "he said.
Lately Genjep share their knowledge to two young women. Genjep words, they themselves who volunteered to be shaman. So, what he got from his grandmother he was doing well to his student. They follow where it leads Genjep aruh staring rituals.
Increasingly rare
The times it took effect, including the inland communities of Kalimantan. From the observation Genjep, compared to first, the existence of village shaman lately increasingly rare. This condition is slightly different from the other shaman, like a shaman bawo, balian man whose numbers are relatively still insufficient.
Do not know what the cause, Genjep can not explain it. With a worried tone he expects the tradition of staring aruh increasingly threatened with extinction. Indeed, to perform ceremonies that required great expense, to reach tens of millions of dollars. In addition, some local residents have also been converted, and even this tradition they left behind.
In Genjep family, of seven children, no one is willing to follow in his footsteps, a village shaman. They chose to become a civil servant in the district government office, or working in coal mines operating in the region.
However, for Genjep, the condition does not make a broken spirit. He still pursue the task of the ancestors, as a village shaman. Although no longer young age, Genjep walked on, come one at a village on the border of the Dayak community Maanyan three provinces, namely South Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan and East Kalimantan.
He remains focused on its original purpose, namely to preserve the indigenous Dayak ritual Maanyan. Accompanied Dadas jingle bracelets on both hands, the old body remained supple Genjep bring sacred dance. He led the local Dayak people Maanyan day and night to honor his ancestors by aruh staring.

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