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The concept of Leadership The Dayak Particularly in Central Kalimantan

Dayak tribe is very obedient and loyal to their leader who has admitted his own. On the other hand, to get recognition from people, a leader must really be able to protect and to know its people well. Dayak tribe leader, not someone who only give orders or receive more services, from society, but quite the contrary. The leader of a respected leader who is capable of near and understand the society include: being 

• mammoth Menteng, meaning valor in attitude and deed. He is respected not from what he says, but from what he has done. Dare to do, dare to be responsible. In attitude and action is always fair.What was said is true and useful. Good name even one's life is at stake for the sake of keberpihakannya to its citizens. Attitude mammoth menteng equipped with determination isen mulang or unyielding been ingrained in the lives of the Dayak. It is undeniable fact that as a result of human closeness with nature Dayak. For them land is the mother, the sky is the father and the wind is the breath of life. Thus Wherever go, wherever located, if the foot had been planted on the earth fear and trembling they will never have.One example of the attitude and partisanship mammoth menteng Dayak leaders to the people of his tribe is clearly seen in the story of women's Dayak fighters. His name is Nyai Act. Feeling snubbed by the attitude of self-esteem arbitrary wealthy man who came from beyond, he is able to coordinate the strength of the pangkalima or the famous tribal commander abilities. Not only coordinate, but he is also capable of contacting and lobbying for them in a very short time. In an instant, the pangkalima who are invited to come and gather on the island of Kupang. Means of communication used is Lunjo Buno or Ranying Pandereh Nanggalung Bulau Bunu or string that is fed spears whiting in the eyes of the spear. Bunu is a full-blooded Lunju bakakak. Totok bakakak means the password or code or sign language common people understand the Dayak tribe. In sign language when sending lunjo buno means ask for help because there will be an attack. Spear bunu were sent in all directions to invite the pangkalima to be coming soon in place.Indeed Nyai Law has sweetheart. However, due to a very famous beauty, he proposed marriage complete with a dazzling gold, by a wealthy man. Applications are also accompanied by a threat that if rejected, the war is inevitable. In short, pertempuranpun erupted on the island of Kupang, Sawang Pamatang city located in Central Kalimantan now (here meaning the city fortress which is made of wood tabalien / ironwood / wood or iron can also be made of stone). Nyai Forces Act supported by reliable pangkalima successfully win the battle. For the sake of partisanship to the people of his tribe, the leaders and pangkalima war with the sincere and upright ready to join together to go to war to respond to the invitation of a tribal who feel harassed. Leaders who are ready to submit menteng spirited mammoth body and soul for the sake of protection and partisanship to their peoples. They are not afraid to be laughed at, not afraid to also be a betrayal, because at the slightest hint of dirinyapun no intent to betray the citizens.Everything is done with sincerity and earnestness that kelecakan or vanity fall to pieces.
• Harati means clever. Besides the clever he is also a clever in a positive sense. Cleverness able to make itself as a giver of inspiration even as one the greatest inspiration for their citizens.Ability to communicate with its citizens, the intimacy that is not artificial, make a Dayak tribal leaders have a keen sensitivity.Sensitive point before the incident occurred, he had first detect all the possibilities that would occur in their environment. Being able to tell which is true, what is wrong. For example, a Dayak leader in his work always tried to take the time magazine or visited the home of its citizens with a familiarity that is not artificial. It means they are not being pretentious familiar to get support, but the magazine or visit was made because they enjoy doing it.Sometimes unexpectedly unannounced visit was accompanied by a request to the family meal. Such attitudes certainly startle homeowners but leave good memories to the families who visited.
• Bakena means handsome / beautiful, interesting, and wise. More broadly maksudnnya Inner beauty is beauty / beauty that radiates from the soul. Eyes emit light of justice, protection, safety and service. Wherever located, he will always liked and respected. All of these will automatically appear when all the tasks and responsibilities carried out an upright with no strings attached.
• Bahadat mean habitual. Not only understand and comprehend Pali customary law and the law well, but visible in everyday actions.Ranying Hatalla or God Almighty participated watching every action taken by the leaders, so that self-control grasp role in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. Brave unjust punishment afterlife consequences will be accepted after the death occurred.
• Bakaji high point in the field of spiritual knowledge. He is always trying to achieve quiet, and clean and purify the soul, body with routine and periodical. When silence is the best time to have a dialogue with yourself, set position to remain strong hold on goals that are not easily wandered blindly. Solid scintillation sanaman which means as solid as iron.
• Barendeng means being able to listen to information are also complaints of its citizens. His ears are always open to anyone. This does not mean that the Dayak tribe leader just spending time with a visit residents to complain and stay in touch with him. Without face to face with the person, many Dayak leaders know the circumstances of each family. He has provided to accommodate the hearts and ears and listen and then process it became part of the duties and responsibilities. One example in everyday life can be witnessed in the tradition of drinking wine or mihup Baram, babusau or drunk or drinking beverages that contain alcohol to get drunk. Even in a drunken state, Dayak leaders are always trying to control the consciousness so that by means of mihup Baram Baram until babusau or drink to get drunk, a leader capable of capturing and recording injuries, disappointments, and anger pent citizens. This happened in the past. times have changed. Babusau tradition as a means of recording the heart's content citizens should be abandoned because it was too big risk. What is written here simply as a story of the past.

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