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Sembuluh Lake

Sub Sembuluh Lake is one of the core kecamantan where it has thirteen Villages are: Lake home, Sembuluh II, Cempaka Baru, Palingkau, eject Stone, paren, Banua Obsolete, Sembuluh I, Bangkal, Terawan, Salunuk, Tabiku, and Lanpasa . Located in wiyah Seruyan District, Central Kalimantan Provensi.

Sembuluh Lake is a lake in Indonesia. This lake is the largest lake in Central Kalimantan with an area of 7832.5 ha and has a length of 35.68 km so far. This lake is home bermuaranya rivers large and small, such as Kupang, Rungau, and Ramania. In the vicinity of the lake which covers 2424 km2, there are several villages, namely Sembuluh I, Sembuluh II, Bangkal and Terawan. To reach the lake from the capital of Central Kalimantan, can be achieved using ground vehicles as far as 240 km to the Sampit, and from Sampit to Bangkal village 80 km. From Bangkal Village, Lake Sembuluh can be reached by motor boat about 20 minutes.

The potential of this lake is a sandy edge of the lake so it can be used as a haven and tourism, fisheries potential is high, and there are several villages on the fringes of the lake. This large lake Sembuluh also includes several small lakes as a water tributaries in the form of smaller lakes with the river flow back into the main stream or river and die. Species of fish found in this lake is the goby fish, cork-Gabusan, jelawat, seluang, Sepat, lais, baung, Botia, toman, tabakang, and Tapah. Some of the activities carried out around the lake include shipbuilding industries, coffee and rubber plantations pertenakan, as well as fishing and aquaculture cages.
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