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Dayak Dance


Dayak tribe is one tribe that is rich in tradition and culture, including dance. Various types of dance comes from Dayak tribes from various regions in Borneo. This is only a small part, there are many more types of dances from the sub-sub tribe Dayak other.
1. Gantar DanceDance depicting the movement of people to plant rice. Sticks describe pounder while bamboo and wood grain rice seed described therein and recesses.This dance is quite famous and is often expressed in welcoming guests and events lainnya.Tari is not only known by the Dayak tribe Tunjung but also known by the Dayak tribe Benuaq. This dance can be divided into three versions of the dance Gantar Rayatn, Gantar Busai and Gantar oppressed / Gantar Kusak.
2. Dance Kancet Papatai / Dance WarThis dance tells the story of a hero of the Dayak Kenyah war against his enemies. The movement of this dance is very agile, nimble, energetic and sometimes followed by cries of the dancers.In Kancet Pepatay dance, dancers use traditional clothing Dayak Kenyah equipped with tools of war such as saber, shield and armor. This dance is accompanied by song Sak Paku and only use the instrument Sampe.
3. Ledo Kancet Dance / Dance GongIf Dance Kancet Pepatay depict male virility and strength Dayak Kenyah, otherwise Dance Kancet Ledo describe the gentleness of a girl like a rice snaking gently blown by wind.This dance is performed by a woman wearing traditional clothes Dayak Kenyah and on both hands holding a series of tail feathers hornbills. Usually the dance is danced on a gong, which is also called Dance Kancet Ledo Gong.
4. Dance Kancet weldsDescribes the daily life of hornbills, birds that glorified by the Dayak Kenyah tribe because it is considered as a sign of greatness and heroism. Dance is a dance single weld Kancet Dayak Kenyah women the same motion and its position as Dance Kancet Ledo, but the dancers did not use a gong and hornbill feathers and also the dancers use a lot of humble position and squatting or sitting with knees touching the floor. This dance is more emphasis on movements when flying hornbills and perch perched on a tree branch.
5.Tari LELENGThis dance is about a girl named Utan Along that will be married by force by her parents with a young man who was loved. Utan Along eventually fled into the forest. Dance of Dayak Kenyah tribe girls danced to the accompaniment of singing this song LELENG.
6. Dance HudoqThis dance is performed by using a wooden mask that resembles a wild animal and using banana leaves or coconut leaves as cover the dancer's body. This dance is closely connected with religious ceremonies of the Dayak ethnic groups and Modang Bahau. Dance Hudoq intended to gain strength in overcoming the destructive pests of plants and expects to be given fertility yields a lot.
7. Hudoq We Dance 'Dance of Dayak Kenyah tribe is in principle similar to Dance Hudoq from Bahau and Modang Dayak tribe, namely for the ceremony to welcome the year of planting and to express gratitude to the god who has given a good harvest. The contrast between Hudoq We Dance 'and Dance Hudoq on costumes, masks, dance movement and accompaniment music. Dancer costume Hudoq We 'use the long sleeves of plain cloth and wearing sarongs, while ordinary people face-shaped mask that many decorated with carvings typical of Dayak Kenyah. There are two types of masks in dance Hudoq We ', which is made of wood and that a veil made of beads with ornaments Dayak Kenyah.
8. Dance SerumpaiBenuaq tribal dance is performed to reject the outbreak of the disease and treat people who are bitten by mad dogs. Called Serumpai dance because the dance accompanied by musical instruments Serumpai (a type of bamboo flute). A we utilize and manage it.
9. Tari Belian BawoBelian Bawo ceremony aims to resist disease, cure the sick, pay vows and so forth. Once transformed into dance, this dance is often served on special occasions receptionist and other art events. This dance is a dance of Dayak Benuaq.
10. Dance KuyangA dance of the Dayak tribe Belian Benuaq to expel the ghosts that keep large trees and tall so as not to disturb people or people who cut down the tree.
11. Dance of Little KinaThis dance describes the movement of Dayak Kenyah tribe who move from the Apo Kayan region (Kab. Bulungan) to the Long Segar (Kab. Kutai Barat), which takes many years.
12. Dance DatunThis dance is a dance with the girl Dayak Kenyah with an uncertain number, perhaps 10 to 20 people. According to history, dance together was created by a tribal chief in the Apo Kayan Kenyah Dayak named Nyik Selung, as a sign of gratitude and joy over the birth of a grandson. Later this dance developed throughout all the provinces of Dayak Kenyah.
13. Dance NgerangkauDance dance Ngerangkau is customary in the case of death of the Dayak tribe Tunjung and Benuaq. This dance uses the tools of rice pounder who rammed-knock on a regular basis in a horizontal position, giving rise to a certain rhythm.
14. Baraga Dance 'BagantarOriginally Baraga 'Bagantar is belian ceremony to treat infants with begging for help from Nayun Gantar. Now that this ceremony has become a dance composed by the Dayak tribe Benuaq.
Let us together to preserve the culture that has been inherited by our ancestors.

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