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District Lamandau

District Lamandau
Lamandau District is one district in Central Kalimantan province. The capital of this district is situated in Nanga Bulik. This district has an area of 6414 km ² and a population of 47,969 inhabitants (census 2000).
Lamandau is one of the new district division of the District of West Kotawaringin (Kobar) under the Law. 5 of 2002, that the launch on August 4, 2002 with capital of Nanga Bulik. This district is the only district that starts expansion of a district or not through a change in the status of the Administrative District.
This district was part of West Kotawaringin County, on April 10, 2003 issued by the Law No. 5 Year 2003 on Inauguration / Expansion 8th District, the District of West Kotawaringin split divided and added to the Lamandau and SUKAMARA
GeographyGeographically Lamandau District which includes three sub-districts located at 1 ° 9 '- 3 ° 36' south latitude and 110 ° 25 '- 112 ° 50' East Longitude.
The total areaLamandau District has an area of 6414 km ² which is divided into 3 subdistricts, 3 Sub-District and 79 villages.
Boundary regionDistrict boundaries Lamandau include:It borders North Ketapang in West Kalimantan, Seruyan Hulu, Seruyan, and North Arut, West Kotawaringin.Sub Arut south by South and Central Districts cascadeWest Ketapang in West Kalimantan.Meanwhile, bordering the Eastern District of North Arut in West Kotawaringin District.
TopographyWhile the topography Lamandau District, consisting of wetlands, lowlands, highlands and hills, also fed by rivers that became large and small arteries in the region's economy

DemographyLamandau County residents numbered 52,165 people comprising 13,084 households, with a population density of 8 inhabitants per km ², and the level of development as much as 1019.

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