Sabtu, 12 Februari 2011

So Magic Swamp Forest Tourist Attraction

Daily Tabengan,

District Home Knives were also holds the potential of nature tourism in the form of swamp forest. Actually, this vast land area utilized for the development of settlements, plantations, agriculture, forestry, and fisheries. Interestingly, most people especially young people use it to relax while fishing place to enjoy the coolness and beauty of nature.
The abundance of natural resources (NR) in Central Kalimantan, including forest and swamp, to be distinctive for the community. Opportunity is what used Jonfrid H Siae, to polish the area of land that were previously only used as a community as an ideal location for fishing., Because in sekelingnya just a swamp forest.From the city of Palangkaraya, en route to Lake Tourist Village Lais is only nine miles, or approximately 15 minutes by road. Precisely at Jalan Trans Kalimantan Central Axis, linking the city of Palangkaraya-Buntok, and other districts in the Barito river basin. The road to this tourist area is paved smooth because it is a state road. Tourist Village near Lake Lais although Palangkaraya, but entered the subdistrict of Central Kahayan (Bukit Rawi), County Home Knives.On top of swamp forest area of 10 hekatr it, Jonfrid trying to develop tourism with natural characteristics. Various types of wild plants typical of Central Kalimantan, such as orchids and other ornamental plants, he developed into one of the development of tourism attraction.To facilitate visitors through the forest swamp, just to enjoy the coolness of the various kinds of natural plants that grow there, made plank around the place.He also pamper visitors coming by providing simple huts of wood. When visitors tired, they can unwind to rent the cabin to rest. Pocket affordable rental cottage, which is only Rp25 thousand. In addition, it also serves cottage resort for families and honeymooners stay.In developing a distinctively natural attractions, Jonfrid also combine it with the motif of Central Kalimantan. All the huts made of wood, shaped motif of Central Kalimantan. "If it is made of cement and tile-roofed, it was not typical of Central Kalimantan," said Jonfrid, when met Tabengan, Tuesday (4 / 1), in the village of Lake tourism Lais.Developing tourism is not necessarily easy. In addition to the existing facilities need to be supported, as well as road transport these attractions. But this is not a problem, because the road is good.Jonfrid have a strong determination to promote nature tourism in Central Kalimantan. Because, he said the destruction of nature is now quite severe, so that the community is hard to find wild plants typical of Central Kalimantan. By establishing these natural attractions, at least he was keeping a variety of habitats for plants is not threatened with extinction.According to him, now is still a few people who are interested in developing Central Kalimantan forest or land, then created a natural tourist attractions and to preserve the Central Kalimantan Dayak typical plant.Recognized Jonfrid, tourist attractions it offers visitors is still minimal, because only some people who know. Every day on average there are 50 visitors. But he is optimistic, pretty soon with a characteristic natural attractions of Central Kalimantan plant, will be crowded visited by visitors. "And, I will continue to develop this place as one of the best tourist attractions in Central Kalimantan," said Jonfrid.He hopes, the Dayak community in particular, to preserve the plant-specific tumhuan Kalteng its own way, so as not to become extinct and the younger generation to see and easy to find. Debi Kriswanto

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