Kamis, 10 Februari 2011

Manyanggar Dayak Ceremony

 Manyanggar Dayak Ceremony. Manyanggar term comes from the word "Sangga". Means is restriction or signs. The Dayak Ceremony Manyanggar then interpreted as a ritual performed by humans to make the boundaries of the various aspects of life with a supernatural being that is not visible by naked eye.

Dayak ritual called this Manyanggar ditradisikan by the Dayak community because they believe in life on earth, living beings other than humans are also fine. The need to make the signs or boundary line with the spirits are expected for the two do not interfere with each other their respective realms as well as an expression of respect for the limits of life of other beings. Manyanggar ritual usually held when people want to open new land for agriculture, building or place to stay before dilangsungkannya community activities on a large scale.

Through Ritual Ceremony Manyanggar, if the location that will be used by humans are inhabited by spirits (supernatural) in order to move to another place so as not to disturb the peaceful human future.
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