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Traditional "Bepasung" Sub Tribe Seberuang

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Bepasung said, is the language of the Dayak groups Ibanic Group, which comes from the word "stocks." As with the Indonesian, the word is a synonym of the word stocks rangket and tie. So, here Bepasung thrash or binding means something, so that tied helpless. Bepasung traditional rituals, in the past often made by the Dayak Seberuang, (Tempunak & Sepauk) belonging Ibanic Group, to threaten the Spirit who dwells in large trees, usually trees Kiara 'of old.
According to F. Kincong, SH, tribal elders Seberuang, if the sector in the region not long rains, they will look for an old banyan tree to be bound by wrapping rattan rope on the tree trunk.
After the binding event is finished, the elders who are appointed to preside over the ceremony tesebut then began to threaten. The words threat, usually sung in couplets, which in essence if not immediately threatening to rain, then the tree will be felled Kiara.
Equipment in this event, in addition to several types of offerings, also prepared a chicken and some fruit pickaxes (ax). Chickens to be slaughtered, whose blood will dicecerkan ground to honor Puyang Gana. According to ancestral beliefs different sub-tribes Ibanic Group, Puyang Gana is a great soul who controls the land. All activities on the ground, such as farming-planting; build a house, and mine the mineral, must first respect the Puyang Gana. The tool shaft, will be used as a complementary threat to cut.
After the ritual is complete, some pickaxe will be inserted in a rattan wrapped around the tree. Then before the traditional elders to leave the ceremony, usually the spirit that inhabits the tree will be due a few days. If in a particular tempo yet no rain, then the tree will be felled.
This Bepasung traditional rituals, very close to the beliefs of Animism past. Along with the development of the era and the influence of modernization, ritual activity Bepasung increasingly rare and even extinct altogether.
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