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Barito River

Barito River is the area along the river basin (DAS) Barito. The name is taken based on the name of the region Barito Barito in Central Kalimantan wilayahprovinsi upstream include, but are often used for naming the entire watershed is down to its estuary on the Java Sea in South Kalimantan, Muara called Banjar / Kuala Banjar.
Barito River also called Banjar (Banjar river) or the River of China (China river)

 foothills Muller

Wood logs that were brought across the Barito River in the 20th century

From the foothills Muller to reach the mouth of the Java Sea, the length of the Barito River reaches 900 km, a width between 650 m up to 1000 m.

May 26, 2008 by baritobasin
Earth Kalimantan as the name implies, means the island of Borneo which have large-River River (times 'River'; former 'big') (Riwut, 1993:3), among others: the Kapuas River, Kahajan, Sungai Mahakam and Barito river. Barito River empties into the Java sea and directly related to the capital of South Kalimantan, namely Banjarmasin, Barito River at the foot of the mountains Muller border of East and Central Kalimantan.
From the foothills Muller to reach the mouth of the Java Sea, the length of the Barito River reaches 900 km, a width between 650 m up to 1000 m. In the headwaters of the Barito River County area there are some children Joyless Kingdom Barito River are navigable, such as: length of 35.75 km Laung River, River Babuat 29.25 km long, long Joloi River 40.75 km, and 75.25 km long Busang River . Base depth ranges from 3-8 m and a width of river bodies of more than 25 m (see
In the region of North Barito regency, child Montalat River Barito River is 11.25 km long, long Teweh River and River 87.50 km long Lahei 77, 50 km ( means-and-infrastructure /). In the District of South Barito Barito River there are 11 children, namely: length of 3 km Jenamas River, River Kelanis / Napu length of 165 km, 160 km Mangkatip River, River Karau / Bangkuang length of 120 km, 50 km long Puning River, River Ayuh 100 km long, River Bamanen / Round length of 20 km, River Tabuk / Buntok town 20 km long, long Telang River 10 km, 10 km long Janggi River, River Bahaur length 50 km (see
In between the border districts and districts of South Barito Barito Kuala, there are children who enter the Barito River in the district of Upper North River namely Paminggir River, connecting to Lake Bake Hulu district of North River. In Barito Kuala District Barito River there are several children, namely: River Ulak 30.2 km long, long Seluang River 38 km, River length Belawang 38.6 km, 38.7 km long Pelingkau River, River Sabrang 39.8 km long, long Belandean River 46.7 km (see http : / / / Asia / Indonesia / Kalimantan South + ...).
In Barito Kuala district also has a branch of the Barito River Kapuas River Joyless namely linking to Kuala Kapuas district of Central Kalimantan. Barito River has two major subsidiaries of the Nagara River and River Materials or Martapura. River Nagara River that has several branches Tabalong, Balangan, Pitap, Alai, Amanda and Amas, where live most of the population of South Kalimantan. Important cities in the region, among others, Cape, Amuntai, Barabai, Kandangan, Rantau and the State are located in areas Meratus foothills, these cities are referred to as the Upper River. The Martapura River through the city of Banjarmasin and Martapura. In addition to the waters and a branch of the Barito River, in Barito Kuala District, there are three artificial canals called Anjir to connect the Barito River in the Kapuas River, namely Anjir Talaran, Anjir tightly and Anjir Tamban (Aditjondro, 2003: 28, and Levang, 2003:175 .)
Number of children in upper Barito River is not fully complete, but enough to be evidence showing an important position as an estuary of the Barito River upstream of the waters which came from two plateaus, ie, Muller mountains on the border of Central Kalimantan and East Kalimantan and South Kalimantan Mountains Meratus . Thus, the Barito River is the mother of the children of the river which are in various city districts in South Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan.
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