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Come and Experience the Unique Culture and Wildlife of Central Kalimantan with Kalimantan Tour Destinations


Kalimantan Tour Destinations (KTD) unique cruise boats take you along meandering jungle lined rivers, passing islands with orang utans visible in the trees and the briliant splashes of kites, hornbills and kingfishers overhead. Furtner upstream visit villages and meet the inhabitants dependent on the jungle and the river for their livelihoods.

KTD is working with local communities to bring Ecotourism to this part of Central Kalimantan as a way of protecting the environment and creating alternative livelihoods.

This is raw Borneo, where the rivers remain the main highways through this vast and mostly empty province.
Our Jungle River Cruises are the first and only in Central Kalimantan, and provide a unique way to live on board and explore the Borneo Jungle and riverside villages inaccessible by road in relaxed comfort.

We can offer you a range of tours from one day to Weekend Breaks to journeys into the heart of Borneo jungles. Palangka Raya the provincial city, provides the start for explorations north and south along the winding river systems.
Our guides speak English, Indonesian and the local Dayak dialect, and are ready to welcome you to this new tourism

Kalimantan Tour Destinations  kalimantantours@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Telp/Fax. +62-536-32-22099 / +62811520648
Office Hours : 9am - 5pm (Mon-Fri), 9am - 3pm (Sat)
PO. Box 71 Palangka Raya 73112
Central Kalimantan

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