Jumat, 31 Desember 2010

Tradition Ngayau

Ngayau is one masyarakay Dayak traditions in antiquity. This tradition is quite cruel and gruesome. In the past, has become a habit primitive tribes everywhere, that to maintain and expand the areas of power, they often conduct inter-tribal warfare. Dlam make war, there have been a habit of decapitating the enemy and bringing them to their village. Habits are often referred to as kayau, or ngayau.
Not all warriors are brave and capable of doing so. Only a few people who have more courage and willing to do ngayau. Therefore, those who dare to do kayau much contested by the women of the Dayak tribe Inland for being able to protect them with courage.
Other beliefs that drive these atrocities they will do well because of the belief that by decapitating the enemy, the enemy's spirit haunts and will not disturb them. Not all enemies be beheaded. Women and children should not be in kayau. They may only be enslaved.
Several ceremonies were they doing to calm the spirits of the enemy, by giving a number of offerings in a traditional ceremony called tiwah. Intended, for their spirit in Kayau can calmly stepped to the seventh sky and no revenge haunts.

Leaving Tradition Ngayau Agreement
Consciousness to live in a peaceful and secure situation as well as an agreement to share the area and live together in harmony, causing the holding Anoi Fall Peace Meeting in 1894.
Inland Dayak tribe officials agreed to no longer kill each other, decapitating one another, and enslave one another. Furthermore, traditional ceremonies that require a human head is replaced with the head of buffalo or other animals.
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