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Katingan river flow in

kasongan City

Katingan river flow in

Katingan have a lot of tourism potential that it should begin to fight, without much attention from those who care about the eviction and destruction of these valuable assets will continue with or without realizing it.

if the city we know the roller coaster then we have a cascade mangkikit dikatingan is no less powerful in death sparked excitement, very dangerous cascade of strong currents and relatively intensive unexpected at all times be life threatening but true adventurers who are ready to die would be willing to pay even higher for the sake of sensation.

boat trip down the river in the interior of Borneo are very challenging. through which the river flows are not only soft, but it has a cascade of deterring and stories about the boat that failed the cascade and not a figment drowned. Katingan river which more than 200 meters wide, is a large river which has a number of tributaries, including the River Samba, Hiran, Senamang, and Mahuk River.

Katingan river has a plus point cascade with the closest distance from the city of Palangkaraya, about four hours away by car. The drive from Palangkaraya to Kasongan, the capital city as far as 80 kilometers Katingan can be reached via a smooth road.

dikasongan you can stop by and unwind at the inn Bestro good while gathering information about field conditions before continuing the trip due to start from Simpang Samba to Samba Fall in the Middle Katingan District, 65 kilometers long road conditions bad. Most of the hard dirt road impassable during the rainy season. For tourists who intend adventurous, off-road conditions it gives its own preoccupations. at the Inns Bestrou you can also find information about this local specialty souvenirs.

why stop at the Inn Bestrou, apart from the above two reasons to prepare for a road surface condition and seek information about the souvenirs you also need to know a list of the names of the boats jockey kelotok a reliable and very understanding of the field cannon that will be conquered as well as the position Inns Bestro located in the center of trade and are dipinggiran river so here you will be able to mebiasakan yourself with views of the river in order to maximize satisfaction and adrenaline tour your insight.

from Kasongan trip continued down to Simpang Samba 30 kilometers away from Kasongan. after traveling as far as 65 kilometers toward Tumbang Samba taken within two hours. Travel to Tumbang Samba will pass through several villages, with views dominated peat lands. Samba Fall is the name of the village in the Middle Katingan District on the banks of the Katingan River. Traffic was pretty noisy as it is a river crossing into several sub-districts in the hinterland of Central Kalimantan.

From the information you collect when unwind while sharing stories with people around the Inns Bestrou you should already get an idea of where the next adventure begins and where it will end, akhirkata congratulations on the charm of simplicity of cultural pride in the flora and fauna of our natural offerings. thanks

greetings senimandigital

Cascade mangkikit, 06:00 PM

crossing sub samba - the village of Telok, 06:00 PM


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