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Photos and clippings one religion that developed in borneo


Kaharingan / Hindu Kaharingan are religious or traditional beliefs tribe Dayak tribe in Kalimantan. The term Kaharingan it means to grow or live, such as in terms of Danum Kaharingan (water of life),  meaning tribal religion or belief in God the Almighty (Ranying ), which live and grow for generations and internalized by the Dayak people in Borneo. The Indonesian government requires residents and citizens to embrace one of the religions recognized by the government of the Republic of Indonesia. Therefore Kaharingan and religious beliefs of other tribes such as Tollotang (Hindu Tollotang) at Bugis, included in the category of Hindu religion since 20 April 1980 [3], given the similarities in the use of means of life in performing rituals to sacrifice (offerings) are in Hindu religion is called Yadnya. So have the same goal to reach the Almighty God, just different packaging. Almighty God in religious terms is called Ranying Kaharingan.
Kaharingan was first introduced by Tjilik Riwut in 1944, when he was prefect of Sampit based in Banjarmasin. In 1945, occupation of Japan filed Kaharingan as the mention of religion Dayak. While the New Order era, the adherents to integrate with the Hindu, a Hindu Kaharingan. Selection of integration into Hindu rituals is not that common. But because Hinduism is the oldest religion in Kalimantan.
Gradually, Kaharingan have a place of worship called Hall Basarah or Kaharingan CENTER. Their religious scriptures are panaturan and other religious books, such as Talatah Basarah (Collection of Prayers), Freshwater (manual procedure of asking God's help with the ceremonial sowing of rice), and so forth.
Today, the Dayak tribe was allowed to include religion on identity cards Kaharingan. Thus, the Dayak tribes who perform marriage ceremonies according to customary Kaharingan, recording the marriage was recognized by the state. Until the year 2007, the Central Bureau of Statistics reported that there were 223,349 people Kalteng Kaharingan adherents in Indonesia.
But in East Malaysia (Sarawak, Sabah), it appears that this Dayak beliefs are not recognized as part of Hindu religious community, so people are not regarded as a religion of any kind. Organization Kaharingan Hindu scholars is the Great Council of Hindu Religion Kaharingan (MBAHK) center in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan.

"Keriring" where Dayak ancestors bones put Tawoyan (Hindu adherents Kaharingan) in tumpung Laung, Kec montallat, kab dressing .. Central Kalimantan ..

mura ritual bonyi (purify rice seeds) sebelam in planting, so that rice will be grown well and give blessings to the owner of the field / fields.

do u know .. These pictures where tulang2 (keriring) leluruh dayak indramayu, which still Hindus

The Dayak Siang ancestral skull .. named Waterford Tingkoh

logo dayak Kaharingan

Pantan / hompong is part of a series of rituals in marriage Kaharingan Hindus in Central Kalimantan ..

Offering: offerings to ancestors of the Dayak Bayan (eat pond prevention), which still adhered to Hindu religion Kaharingan

one of the ceremonial procession at noon dayak death rates (Ceremony nyamalat)

One of the offerings are used in rituals in dayak taboyan Badian, lawangan, maanyan, hamlets, parrotfish is "Saradiri"

mura ritual bonyi (purify rice seeds) sebelam in planting, so that rice will be grown well and give blessings to the owner of the field / fields.
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