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Barito Hulu tip: Village Fall Topus (Treasuring Muller Mountain 10-end)

(c) Arief Destika/WWF-Indonesia

When our boat docked at the pier kelotok Tumbang Topus Lanting, we thought he saw the real side of life Dayak. Frankly it's a bit beyond the shadow of our previous.

Disekian village we passed, probably this village gave the most profound impression. On the left of this village there is a very clear Topus river, still red-green color, it was still cold, every ripple of the water stream refresh our bodies. Ecosystems are made by God is great, we look at ferns and orchids, which took refuge in the branches of large branches of trees, there was a story ulin who died surrounded by banyan trees, there is another tree that is dead but still serves as a residence other creeping plants. We took the kids to take photos. Their faces were so exotic they look so innocent and spotless.

The night wore on, Here and there appear poles Toras rest of the ceremony and DaLo Mandung gallant challenge looming sky. If the day yesterday, before the dark appears to be no sign of life, this night some people gathered at the place we were staying. In the village of Fall Topus there is no more a pure Punan. It was just a mixture between Punan and the Noon-Joyless, Bahau, Benuaq, and Ot Danum or Kahayan. Toras, Potogor, and Batang Pantar of which there are several in the village showed that in their death rituals tend to be as the Ot Danum or Siang Joyless. How they can identify themselves as descendants of Punan?

The answer to the above questions are in a pile of large stones by the local people called the Stone Awu-Balang. Ponut River Crossing, between the grove of trees, there are rocks scattered here and there. In one alcove is rocks seemed lying two skulls and human bones.

Once there, the story of mouth ot Siau Dayak still living in the forest forest menghndar of human life. However, if we ask them about Ot Siau or Red Legged Punan, they themselves say is never seen nor met. Residents believe that the Punan Red Legged do exist, with unique characteristics, namely red hands and feet like the feet of birds Siau. Feet and hands stained red with leaves saronang or jarenang. Their whole bodies were covered with a fungus that contain phosphorus so that it looks light in the darkness.

Rickshaw rhythm, drum and fife made legs and my arms can not be silent. We mengegerakkan our bodies in the strains of dance manasai. They did have a dance sequence that begins with sentulo / tantulo, deder, manasai and ends with karungut (berpantun). There are middle or sangkai Sumbung made of lemang for the arts, sangkai built for events in the form of excitement, never carried to the activities of death (nganjan & ngelele), if it is done can get jipen.

That night, blazing past what dibenaknya convey to the public. "Do not let our children and grandchildren do not know ulin again, lest one day we can not pig hunting and fishing again, who would say should not be cut down, we can cut down but be wise to its diameter," he said passionately.


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River topus really leave memories that mean for me. Moreover, when she felt a cold shower and felt a clear massage to massage our skin. Even the much more exotic again when I try to use tapih (jarit in terms of its Java) as a fabric used in the bath river Dayak women in general.

Fall Topus is the culmination of our 10 days we sailed the road and the river upstream of Central Kalimantan. Night skyline is the best time of our contemplation. Ditepian shrub insect chant our lay in a small cottage.

Faint faint strains of Elvis Presley titled Forest accompany a soundly sleeping in the dark of the village. But the peaceful ...

My heart is embedded in every inch of land in the jungle

My blood flows in every river that flows into the estuary

Enjoy the peace that is created

Feel the beauty of the green world

Blown my breath at every corner in the forest jungle

My body awake and protected by the cool shade trees

Joyless Kingdom - Central Kalimantan, April 27 - May 12, 2010
the end

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