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Swiss Museum Show Dayak Borneo

Kapanlagi.com - Lugano Cultural Museum (Museo delle Culture of Lugano), Switzerland, plans to hold an international exhibition of Borneo Dayak culture to various countries in Continental Europe and America. "Head of the Cultural Museum Director Prof. Dr. Francesco Campione Lugano and Central Kalimantan governor Teras Narang A has agreed to cooperate with the performance, when the Governor held a meeting in Lugano on 27 May," said Staff Committee for Museum Exhibitions Lugano, Junita Arneld, when contacted in the city of Lugano, Switzerland, on Wednesday.
Was carried out following the successful performance of the Government of the City of Lugano museum was organized exhibition titled Patong, Great Figures Carved by the People of Borneo, since 23 May acclaimed widely in Europe.
Traveling exhibition is planned to hold the Museum Balanga Central Kalimantan, once held a similar exhibition in the country of origin on the island of Borneo Dayak culture, in addition to planned performances in Europe and America.
"We hope the exhibition will not only benefit the international community but also the Dayak of Kalimantan to make them more aware of and understand the culture of his ancestors," he said.
While the results of discussions with the Director of the Museum Governor of Central Kalimantan, Lugano, said Junita, reached a conclusion that the exhibition Patong is a reflection of past, current and cultural environment in harmony alongside the people of Borneo.
Junita argues, the first exhibition of Dayak culture that was held in Lugano now getting very good response from the public is not only Switzerland, but also the European public in general.
The exhibition was held in a very appropriate time ie before the summer, when people are busy touring in Europe.
"We also got a request more details about this exhibition from the Museum of the Netherlands and from Oxford University in London in order to study the catalog that we issue," said the former staff at the French Embassy in Indonesia.
Public enthusiasm arises from Lugano Museum exhibition that was held capable of giving a broader picture of the Dayak culture and daily life, through the historic objects was revealed that dozens of years.
A total of 39 objects displayed are the objects of culture and daily life of the Dayak people of Borneo for more than 80 years of just sitting in warehouses as a silent witness, without any explanation of the origins and history that accompanies it.
Historical objects collected by the Swiss painter Serge Brignoni since the 1920's until finally granted to the Museum of Lugano in 1985. While the collector himself had died in 2002. (* / RSD)

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