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Bukit Batu Tangkiling Save clamps Sin

Along the hilly areas in the district municipality of Palangkaraya, it's not complete until they've been up the hill on this one, Hill Tangkiling. Located far from downtown, to be exact Jl Tjilik Riwut 32 km outside the city direction. From all corners of view, looks lush hill overgrown with trees.
To enter the area of ​​the foothills, from the village Banturung must travel a distance of 1600 m again. Do not imagine the field difficulties that must be traversed to the bottom of the hill, because it is no longer the path, but are occasionally unpaved roads flooded when it rained heavily. Difficulty, a new feel after being on a ridge, and steep uphill road lay in front of the eye.
Tangkiling a high hill about 500 m, are believed to save millions of legends and magical powers. Standing sturdy, towering sky at the border village-Tangkiling Banturung Bukit Batu subdistrict, Palangkaraya. It takes about 40 minutes to reach its peak.
Kapit Stone Sin That said, first, the area surrounding a river, covering an area of ​​the eye could see, the water looks alone. Similar to the master Kundang story, the prodigal son, Tangkiling too, condemned for kedurhakaannya. Place the river was changed to sail into the mainland and the hills. Medium boat and all his luggage, changed into rocks the size of houses.
Tangkiling itself, because of the sins he assumed, must be willing wedged between the cubicle, now known as the stone clamps sin. Indeed, stone kapit sin, it is believed, came from the booth that also Tangkiling wind and then turned to stone like any other object.
"If the person concerned is no sin, it can not pass between two stone, squeezed," said Nyai Handang call it so-called-a village resident who often climb the hill Tangkiling with his family. He admitted, what he has just be published, based on the belief that they receive from generation to generation. In the past too, he said, there is a kind of memorial or ritual performed near the rock, its function to ask forgiveness for sins that have been done. The offerings also presented, lay a variety of traditional cakes and incense that stings the nose. "We read the prayer according to religious beliefs that we profess," he added. Has anyone stuck there? Laughing, he said, knowing he was, indeed unprecedented, except that befall Tangkiling karma, until it wedged between two rocks.
"Perhaps, because his time had changed, that power is never dinampakkan again," he said. Even so, he argues, the belief in the magical power of the stone, are still outstanding and trusted community. In fact, several accidents have occurred in the surrounding hills Tangkiling.
About this belief, Head of Mining and Energy Kalteng Mahmuda Drs H Nawawi, assess, it is only a mere phenomenon or natural event. And, no association with magical or supernatural power. "That was purely a natural phenomenon, nothing to do with magical or supernatural power," he said. This belief proved a group of students from a high school in Palangkaraya. They spent the weekend up the hill, like it or not, they have to tilt the body so as not wedged between two stones. The result? They reached the summit and back again safely. Viewed from the distance between the two stones that range from 15 sentimeteran, situated on a ridge, it is rather difficult to pass, should tilt the body. Under the stone itself, it turns out there are voids or empty spaces, so that when we stepped on it, feels there are footsteps, echoing. Left-right, the streets where, not the plains, but a gaping chasm deep enough. Thus, caution is that capital must be owned. "If you looked down, heart felt vulnerable," said Ayesha who has a tea shop in the Port Tangkiling.
Medium Juhran former official in the village Banturung Radio Communications, said, in the Mount Tangkiling there are a variety of stones, stone clamps sin is just one of them. Called also, banama stone, stone rings and stone crater located on the hilltop. Stone crater, believed to be the incarnation Tangkiling boat which sank, and then petrified. Stone crater, the surrounding community is also known as the stone rinjing, because its shape resembles rinjing or skillet. "When I was in charge, every day I go up the hill. For on bukitlah place most effectively convey and receive information, his voice more clearly," he explained.

Giant centipede Public confidence again, according to Aisha, around the stone kapit sin, lived a giant centipede, the size of a coconut tree. "In fact, besides the stone kapit sin, there is also halilipan (centipede-ed) registration bar coconut (coconut-red)," he said from the Barito River upstream of this. However, as with stones kapit sin, this giant centipede never again shows itself, disappeared like a swallow the earth.
"The period that has changed, making them never again manifest themselves," he reasoned. Just as the narrative Nyai Handang, arrival back at base camp, in the pouring rain, a group of school children were shocked screams one of her friends. Suddenly, people who were there gasped, turned out to teenage boys were bitten by a centipede at hand thumb. Indeed, including the animals crawling centipede that has a can (poison). The poison can cause the body fever, prolonged.
"Do-do, these centipedes, giant centipede grandson who ever told that, apart from stone tongs tongs sin, uh, actually bitten by a giant centipede grandson," said they shouted.

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