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Lion King Bansa; Symbol modesty Dayak people

King synonymous with power (the power) and wealth. Not so with the king Dayak: without the power and wealth. There are currently no setitikpun listed in Indonesia's history books. Even more tragic, let alone outsiders, people Dayakpun many do not know if they have a king. Sekitarnyapun Villagers do not know whether the king of them still exist. Conversely, some Dayak people from outside the district Ketapang (West Kalimantan) and a small Dayak Sarawak (Malaysia) until now come to give tribute and still trust and respect him as a king, especially those familiar with the world kebathinan / supernatural.
Indeed, if the first time we meet will be surprised at the figure of a king Hulu Aik. Pembawaannya calm, quiet. If the talk and make decisions as the king appeared before his charisma. Very understated, simple, honest and candid. He is the Lion King Bansa (27 th), heir to the throne of the King of Upper-6 Aik; only King Dayak in Indonesia.
King Hulu Ai is the name for the leader of Hulu Aik Kingdom. Hulu Aik Kingdom beginning in the region and the Cape Porikng Sembore Pancur, hicks Krio River (now signed Menyumbung Village, Kec. Sandai, Kab. Ketapang, West Kalimantan), circa 1700s. Pang first leader Carve professor vibration. He was replaced Bihukng Tiung. Since this is the area Pancur Sembore Bihukng Cape Porikng-called Hulu Aik Kingdom. Bihukng as king I. Bihukng replaced Bansa Starch (II), Ira Bansa (III), Chief Guava (IV), Duck (Bansa Lion King's father, the king of the 5th). And King Lion Hulu Aik VI is Bansa. Since there is no clear wilyah power, center of the kingdom Hulu Aik move followed the king who in the watershed Krio.
Materially Bansa Lion King family life is very simple, even the poor can be said. ? Palace? Her (rumah-red.) located in remote areas far inland, in the village Sengkuang, Menyumbung Village, Kec. Sandai, Ketapang (Kalbar). From Pontianak to Ketapang, and from the district Ketapang 6 hour speed boat ride, followed by a small boat speed of about 4 hours 15 PK lunged forth Krio river rapids.
His house is 8 X 7 meter3, floored and walled board, wood shingle roof. Stairs from a metal timber that was given books. No one kursipun in the living room. Guests sit on floor mats repose. ? This is the home of government, "he said. As King Hulu Aik he should not be hard work, making it impossible to have a home. First rakyatnyalah who made house. In one room stored Hulu Aik Kingdom sacred heritage, namely the People Tungkat Koling Bosi; intangible a keris from the yellow metal.
For the Lions Bansa, predicate King Hulu Aik is a very heavy duty. ? Actually I accept this position is very heavy. But because it was descent, should not be rejected. Maybe this is the course of my life? he said resignedly.
Catholic Religion dianutnya since kecilpun forced to be abandoned after crowned as King Hulu Aik VI. His wife, Anastasia Bijan (33 th), also had to leave the Catholic religion. He and his wife returned to the trust to Duwata (God-Krio Dayak) according to the Krio Dayak people there. While Edi Kurniawan, his son, still be Catholic.
The main obligations of each of King Hulu Aik implement Meruba customary every year. That is customary to bathe / wash Bosi Koling Tungkat People (meaning the People's Iron Sustainer Yellow-red). Kris intangible sacred objects made of yellow metal, which is a human sumberkehidupan by Krio Dayak people. Sacred objects that should be maintained of the Kings Hulu Aik. Because if it runs out, then the world will end.
Initially Bosi Koling Tungkat his People's length about 20 cm. But now according to RajaSinga Bansa live 5 cm. ? Keris was getting smaller year because a lot of mistakes made by the community, "said King Lion Bansa.
In order for these sacred items are not exhausted, then every year should be implemented custom Meruba. But custom is not solely Meruba King Hulu Aik wash Bosi Koling Tungkat People, but also knows what will happen in the future.
As customary Meruba implemented in 1997 within the chest where the People Tungkat Koling Bosi, there is dry sand. That means, of this nature will be droughts and all living things will be trouble. Incidentally atai not, it turns out the 1997 Elnino cause dryness.
When Meruba 1998, in the coffin there is mud and water. While Bosi Koling tungkat people wrapped in yellow cloth seven coils were also hot. This means that the world situation full of tension, muddy and dirty like mud, and will be the rainy season. Until kinipun Krio Dayak people believe there is still very nature of customary Meruba omen. The farmers are very interested to know the natural conditions.
During the wash kris with coconut oil, the King was not allowed to see, only feel taking out the dirt on the coffin. If visible, then slowly but surely going to be blind. When appointed to the first and last time King Hulu Aik see the keris, his eyes slowly but surely going blind. Because usually only see with one eye, the hallmark of King Hulu Aik is the blind eye the next.
King Hulu Aik mandatory farming. In addition to the fields is the source and Dayak cultural center, just farm life activities that do not depend on others. Results fields can be directly enjoyed by farmers. If other jobs, such as rubber tapping, must first be sold to someone else. Getting the reward of other people are not permissible for a King Hulu Aik.
When Hulu Aik crowned as king of the 6th, he realized that the provision of science as the king is not given the complexity of human problems today. He only had time to finish secondary school. ? I diligently read the books sent to the friends from Pontianak to add insight, "he said.
Hope Bansa Lion King now concentrated on her only child, Elius Edi Kurniawan (7 th) is now sitting in class 2 SDN Sengkuang, Kec. Sandai (Ketapang-Kalbar). He was the candidate of King Hulu Aik VII. "If you can, Eddie is not only predicated King Hulu Aik, but also educated adequate? Please Lion Bansa resignation. Even the education her son threatened to fail because of difficulties in cost. He realized, as king, as a role model citizens, sued to-date. On the other hand, after becoming king of his worldly activity will be greatly reduced, including work, and many restrictions (Tabo).
King Hulu Aik is not a king who has the power in his realm definitif.Dulu include Domong Nine Page Ten. This area now includes Ketapang district, some Kab. Sanggau, and a small portion of the Dayaks in Sarawak (Malaysia). First, they who live the King Hulu Aik. King Hulu Aik as a unifier and intermediaries they beg for help to God, since the king maintains Bosi Koling Tungkat People.
King Hulu Aik power faded when the Dutch colonizers arrived. With the political divide et impera, Dayak and Malay diadudomba. According to Mill Rockaert, historians from Belgium, the Netherlands controlled the Dayaks to make the Malay group as his proxy, making it weakens the existence of King Hulu Aik.
After the occupation ended, the natural fate of King Hulu Aik independence even hardly a place in the country of Indonesia. With berbagaiteknik, submission model and a new style of cultural colonialism which wrapped construction, modernization of independent Indonesia for 53 years, slowly but surely now the King of Upper Aik hardly exist anymore.
? We are not unwilling to admit, upholds the existence of King Hulu Aik. But then people do not ever know because it is made in such a way so as not to know the King Hulu Aik, "said Unus (65 years), head of the indigenous Dayak and Patinggi Kayong Aris, head of the indigenous Dayak Simpang.
The emergence of the first Lion King Bansa to the public when the execution of customary starting Ketapang reinforcements to prevent violence in mid-July 1998, very proud of the Dayak. They now know have a king. Not the king as a ruler, have the power, but the king as a unifying symbol of the Dayaks to build the Republic of Indonesia.
? King Hulu Aik is a symbol of marginalization Dayak people in this Republic. So they appear to the public and known to the public, hopefully inspiring the Dayak to be the subject of development, "said S. Djuweng, Director of the Institute Dayakologi (Pontianak).
King Hulu Aik is not the king as usual. Maybe He is the king remarkable for its simplicity and grandeur of the principle of his life. He is a symbol of simplicity, modesty Dayak man who from the past until now marginalized in their own homeland.
He used to be respected, a unifier. Now not anymore. According to experts about the Dayak, colonialism, development and modernization has been slowly but certainly largely eliminate the existence of King Hulu Aik. ? The Dayak were a majority in number, but a minority in the role, "said Mill Rockaert (1996). Worse yet, "among the Dayak community had existed and gone," said GP. Djaoeng, Dayak leaders in Pontianak is also a former member of the Assembly from 1993 to 1998.
Perhaps the lesson 53 years of nation and state in Indonesia with the various consequences are now able to change the views of officials in Jakarta about the concept of "independence" required of indigenous peoples in various parts of the archipelago, including the Dayak. That is independent to take care of their own region in the context of a united Indonesia. *** 

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