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Cultural Festival "Isen MULANG"

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Cultural Festival "Isen MULANG"
Isen MULANG Cultural Festival is a Festival of Arts and Culture are routinely carried out every year, held in order memeriah Anniversary of the Province of Central Kalimantan on each May 23 each year as a container Appreciation Arts and Culture Artists-Artist Central Kalimantan Province.
Cultural Festival was followed by 13 districts and 1 city in the province of Central Kalimantan with melombakan many traditional activities of the Dayak, Central Kalimantan, including: Cultural Parades, Football Sawut, Dance Area, Boat Ornamental Karungut, Manempe Kenta, Pakasak Lamang, Traditional Cooking , Son / daughter of Tourism, Competition Mangaruhi, Besei Kambe, Balogo, Bagasing, Manyipet, Maneweng Wood, Traditional Rowing.
1. Cultural Parade
2. Dance Competition (Inland and Coastal)
3. Competition Karungut
4. Competition Sawut Football (Soccer Fire)
5. Competition Besei Kambe (Traditional Rowing)
6. Traditional Rowing Race
7. Competition Cooking / Cuisine Typical Region
8. Competition Maneweng Wood (Wood Cutting)
9. Competition Manyipet
10. Competition Balogo
11. Competition Mangenta
12. Competition Bagasing
13. Competition Mangaruhi / Malutu
14. Election Putera Puteri Tourism
15. Competition Malamang
16. Ornamental Jukung Contest
Isen MULANG Cultural Festival Aims to develop tourism in Central Kalimantan Province which refers to the religious norms and values ​​in every facet of life, pemampaatan owned cultural properties in Central Kalimantan for the development of tourism industry to meet the needs of Tourists to conduct tours through the space and time, see, do, buy something else, a unique, specially in order to reach the role of the Community, Artists, Cultural and Business in the economic development of Central Kalimantan.
Forms of activity Isen Cultural Festival is an arts degree MULANG more as an artistic presentation that is specific to internalized in astetis and other performance as a reception, entertainment, performances and others are having the character of the race was also enlivened with exhibition tourism, with tourism products, handicraft / soevenir , investment products / potential of Central Kalimantan.

"Explore the Wisdom of Art, Culture and Natural Beauty Land Dayak," Earth Tambun Bungai "Central Kalimantan"
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