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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Aves Order: Coraciiformes Family: Bucerotidae Genus: Buceros Speciaes: Buceros rhinoceros

Hornbills (hornbill), or Buceros rhinoceros, a type of large bird body and a long beak. The males have red or orange eyes, and a white-eyed females. Length is 122 cm. Can live to 35 years. Can be found in Malaysia, Borneo, Sumatra and Sulawesi.
In the culture of Borneo, hornbills (interests) are the symbol of "The Natural" is kedewataan nature that is "masculine". In Kalimantan, hornbills magic is used as an emblem or symbol regional organizations such as the Sarawak State Secretary, Central Kalimantan, Symbol University of Gastric Mangkurat and so forth. Hornbills realized in the form of engravings on Dayak culture, whereas in the Banjar culture, hornbills carved in the form of disguised (didistilir) because the Banjar culture grown under the influence of Islamic religion, which bans carving animate beings.
Love and Loyalty ENGGANG

Also did you know that a hornbill bird faithful to a partner where male hornbills would never change her life partner. Please also note that when they raise their children then the males and females perform the role of each. At times these males will be in charge of looking for food in the form of fruits, lizards, bats, rats, snakes and various species of insects, while the females will be on duty to keep their children in the hive. This they will do during their child can not fly.
It is extraordinary is not it? As the son of Borneo, I am very grateful to the Lord (Jubata) who has created this bird and put them in one park in the world, namely "Borneo Island." Through these birds in fact we can learn about the value of wisdom and loyalty. Undeniable since millions of years ago animals such as hornbills has been active in forest conservation. With their main meal in the form of grain they had been instrumental in spreading the seeds of plants and trees that make this forest remain sustainable. Actually no we (humans) actually realize they also have helped keep this earth to stay comfortable place to live.
Through this bird that he said we should also represents the most sensible thing would look in the mirror and dare to berintropeksi about our daily lives. About love and loyalty, whether we are faithful like hornbills? The relationship between human beings we sometimes just can not afford to love sincerely let alone to be faithful. A married couple can only divorce because of unfaithfulness. Look at the example of our celebrity couples marriage broken by divorce. When they asked about it finally the answer is usually like this "Well, .. this may be the will of those above. Answers like this will usually be thrown when there is no more good answers to convince the public that what became their decision was correct. Weird is not it? We humans find it easier to blame God when we fail, which in this case failed to maintain the "love" which is an incredible gift.
Of course, love and loyalty is not merely have regarding human relationships. Humans as the dominant variable in the sustainability of life on this earth to realize that he should have done a great determine the fate of the planet. In conditions like this now when the earth is increasingly dying of global warming, we as humans must humbly admit in the face of Nature that so far we have been wrong. Human beings have become the destroyer was the number 1 (one) on this earth.
Then where lies the fault us for this? Back on the lives of hornbills, they have shown real love and loyalty according to their degree as an animal. Thus we should also because we can give more love to the earth. Love of nature can be realized with the maintenance and management of natural resources wisely and discreetly, not like all this time, we are even more greedy than animals. Exploitation without limit has caused the planet sick. Various kinds of natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, landslides, and forest fires come alternately. Should a disaster like that we are increasingly aware that nature also has a temper. When nature is too hurt and betrayed and he will be able to easily eliminate human life. Likewise, loyalty, our loyalty to the planet we can make happen with this natural preserve continuously without any time limit such as hornbills who never complained.
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