Kamis, 12 Mei 2011

Cultural Tourism and Adventure Joyless Kingdom

Eco Tour, Adventure Tourism and Cultural District Greater Joyless
(4 Days, 4 Nights)
Day 1
Travel Eco Tour, Adventure Tourism and Culture to begin from District Joyless Raya Palangkarayatowards the Capital City District Puruk Cahu Joyless Kingdom, can ditembuh by plane (45 minutes) and by the way Army (12 Hours, 718 km). From City Puruk Cahu, Adventure Tourism Tourists can proceed to the various objects scattered in several Districts.
Day 2
Getting Around Town Puruk Cahu Tourists see Liang Pandan Waterfalls, Mausoleum of Sultan Muhammad Seman, Fort Netherlands, continues to Dikecamatan Land Day, a distance of 28 km in the city of Puruk Cahu tourists can witness the beauty of Waterfall Dirung Duhung Saripoi Village located in the highlands, in Saripoi attractions can also be seen Lada Antique Carved Stone which is the name of a local resident who became fugitive Netherlands in 1913, in District Tanah Siang there is also a tourist attraction betang Konut Culture(House of the Dayak Siang length) located in the village of Konut. This area there is also a tourist attraction Apui Supan (Hot Springs) where this water believed to cure various diseases kulit.dilanjutkan along the 100 km journey towards Sub Uut Joyless to see Highland White Sands, Upper section Penggunungan Muller (World Conservation Areas), Waterfall Bokok Batikap 7 Levels in Laas and Equator Monument in Fall Olong and many-cascade waterfall and a beautiful cascade that is in the Forest Primary, Olong tumbles overnight in the village.
Day 3
Returning Back to the City Puruk Cahu the same route while enjoying the natural keindahaan Heart of Borneo and the World Lung
In the month of February-March at the peak of fruit season, visitors can enjoy various kinds of fruit typical of Central Kalimantan and Dodo Durian (Lempok) is very famous in Kalimantan, along the travel route.
Day 4
Coming back to Palangkaraya can use aircraft (tentative schedule) and also car Off Road.
"Explore the Wisdom of Art, Culture and Natural Beauty of the Land Dayak, Central Kalimantan Bungai Tambun Earth"
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