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Mystical Creature Known As Kek Tung Rangers

Tribune correspondent reports Pontianak, Severianus Endi
Pontianak, KOMPAS.com - If at Kaltim no mystical creature in the form of a pair of dragon legs, another story in West Kalimantan. Particularly among the Dayaks in the hinterland, known mythical animals like tigers jungle dwellers limb.
However, this is not the kind of animals that can see all the people. Most could only hear her voice a faint sound of "kung, kung, kung," but echoed and rattled.
Director of Forum for Environment (WALHI) Kalbar Blasius H Chandra recalled, soulful voice is so creepy at the same time. When his childhood, he had heard that voice in the middle of the night when staying with parents in the farm cottage.
"At midnight on farm cottage, the atmosphere is very quiet. There was the sound of insects and the wind sighed too. Well, the occasional sound of 'kung, kung, kung' is soft, but thrilling. Until now, I'll never forget the impression that," says Blasius , Thursday (11/2/2010).
In fact, when he has been a neighborhood activist, a mystical voice is still ever heard. Several years ago, while flying at night in Bukit Sedayang, inland Ketapang, that voice heard again.
"Although I've lived in the modern age, the voice was still thrilling. Especially since childhood, parents are instilling meaning the Guardians of Nature that we call Grandpa Tung," he said.
Is it a real animal? According to parents, Grandpa Tung-like species tiger branch, black, big, and a voice echoed.
If Grandpa Tung voiced, various cues can be captured by the elders. Among these cues fruit in the forest will be abundant or otherwise harvest the fields will fail or plague attack.
"I'm sure Grandpa Tung real as the natural component. If people judge the mystical, it is legitimate if it is associated with wisdom traditions," he said.
Kek Tung Sound can only be heard in the forest area that is still sustainable, like the unspoiled wilderness hot hand of capitalists.
That is why in the forest area had ever heard the sound Kek Tung, yet there are people who dare merambahnya. For example, Bukit Sedayang which is still filled with the thick durian fruit, honey trees, clear water, fresh air, and various natural products.
A similar story is on Sintang. Environmental activist born in Sintang, Shaban Stiawan, claimed to have heard that mythical voice in the wilderness of the jungle.
"In our area, people call remaong. I never heard her voice as a child. Until now, I still remember very well how merindingnya my time," said Shaban.
Soulful voice that might be going to vanish as the exploitation of forests on earth crazy Kalbar. Views prokapitalis never going to see the preservation of nature as a whole.
The proof, they are not reluctant to displace the indigenous forest, graveyard, even tembawang. In fact, tembawang an old abandoned villages, that there was no human life complete with the tools of cultural, social functions, religious, and corn-growing. (*)
source: Kompas.com
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