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Cultural Tourism betang house "Lion Kinting"

Eco Tour, Home betang "Lion Kinting"
Tumbang Korik, Diamond Mountain District
Betang "Lion Kinting" in the village of Fall Korik (House of Long Dayak Ngaju) is one of the largest and oldest betang still standing strong until now, was built by the Lions Damang Kinting and his family.
Day 1
Eco Travel Tours, Adventure Tours Cultural Houses betang starting from Palangkaraya towards the Capital City of Kuala Period Diamond Mountain District which can be reached by Roads (4 hours), proceed to Batu Tourism Object Upun Batu Suli Village Tewah District. Furthermore, the journey continues towards the village of Fall in District Kahayan Hamputung North Hulu, in this route you will be able to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and the aroma of the road Off Road is quite challenging, from the height of the hill you can see the cluster with a very clear Schwaner Mountains (Gunung Raya and Gunung Bukit Hill Kaminting)
Further from the village tumbles down the river you will Hamputung Hamputung Korik tumbles toward the village (1 hour) using Kelotok, along either side of the river can be witnessed daily life Ngaju Dayak people either farming, fishing and rubber tapping as well as through numerous cascade / cascade also you will be able to see a lot of very rare wild orchids that grow on trees in pingggir this river, if you are lucky you can see the different resistivity Endangered Wildlife from Bird to Monk, a trip down the river is very challenging and stressful
When they reached the village on the outskirts of River tumbles Korik Korik, son of the river Hamputung you will enjoy the beauty and splendor of Fall Korik betang Antang that stands firmly and very large, it can also be witnessed daily lives Dayaks in Kalimantan Inland Wilderness, Natural Beauty around betang and sounds of birds forest birds are very melodious.
Day 2
The trip home from betang tumbles tumbles Korik Village Korik the same route, a long journey Going Home from Palangkaraya - Korik Village, District Kahayan North Upper Diamond Mountain District, 4 Day Trip
In the month of February-March at the peak of fruit season, visitors can enjoy various kinds of fruit typical of Central Kalimantan, along the route of travel.
Prices include: Transportation to the Village Land tumbles Hamputung, Eating on the Road 8 X, to the Fall River Korik Transportation and Lodging in Tewah (1 Night), 1 Night in betang, Mineral Water, and Services Guide. Not including tips and Donation (Personal Donation) Traditional Culture and Performance Art.
"Explore the Wisdom of Art, Culture and Natural Beauty of the Land Dayak, Central Kalimantan Bungai Tambun Earth"

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