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Dayak Ethnic Origin

Since I was a teenager and began to expand social interaction, many are asking what is Dayak? where the Dayak? The same questions over and over again and make me wonder where the actual origin of the Dayak tribeDetermined to answer my curiosity is so strong, I finally find some articles about the history of Dayak. Lots of references in the form of a truth theory is still in doubt by historians. But in general more or less like thisAround 3000-1500SM, Asia and Borneo are still together. At that time there migration from Yunnan massive. They wandered across the continent, exploring the forests and mountains to reach the mainland of Borneo.Yunan Chinese nation from Borneo in the time it entered the kingdom of the Ming Dynasty between the years 1368 to 1643. The main objective of the Chinese nation is a trade. Along the way, in every region that they passed, they trade the goods they carry, such as opium, silk, chinaware which include plates, cups, bowls, jars and various other ceramics.Along with the entry of China into the mainland of Borneo, came also another group known as negroid and weddid group later known as the Malays.Both immigrant groups living side by side and finally settled in Kalimantan. From the end of mixing trade only resident through marriage. Children of the marriage of two immigrant groups that eventually became the Dayak tribe.The origin of the Dayak tribe is told from generation to generation by word of mouth. And because of mixing with Chinese nation that many children who faced oriental Dayak tribe, very similar to Chinese children. Slant-eyed and fair-complexioned.In fact, Dayak girls look more beautiful than her actual China. Dayak these girls look more exotic. Dayak tribe, the result of mixing it eventually spread to almost all areas in Kalimantan. They were combing the rivers, and then inhabit the coastal island of Borneo.Mixing continues to occur. Women / men Dayak tribe next generation married with fellow locals who created the Dayak tribe of pure or married to descendants of the Chinese who settled in their areas.Dayak tribes also formed a kingdom called "Nansarunai U┼čak Java" or royal Nansarunai Dayak. However, this kingdom destroyed by the expansion of the Majapahit empire which wants to expand his realm.With the entry of the kingdom of Majapahit, the spread of Islam began to spread to the Dayak tribes who on average still adopts animism and dynamism, or the worship of objects and nature.Some of Dayak community eventually embraced Islam and since then they no longer recognize him as the Dayaks. Because the mystical world of the Dayak people who so strongly so contrary to the Islamic religion who worship God. Dayak tribe who converted to Islam are called themselves as the Malays or the Banjar.However, some of Dayak people remain in their beliefs. They do not embrace Islam because they still adhere to customs, traditions, and beliefs. So that the Dayaks were eventually displaced by the length along the rivers and into the hinterland of Central Kalimantan.They eventually settled in the area of Wood Tangi, Amuntai, Margasari, Watang Amanda, Lawas and Labuan Watang Balangan. Even some of the Dayak people who do not want to be affected by the outside world chose to enter the jungle forests and secluded life away from the outside world.But now with the over development of the era, Dayak tribes are no longer living in the forest, although there are still inland but already a little ahead because untouched by development.
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