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Houses betang Dayak Tribe

Saber Dayak Tribe

Rumah Betang

Houses betang
The traditional house of Dayak in West Kalimantan, known as the House betang. Usually they live in upper-stream. But now, the traditional house of Dayak are very large and this long to be a place or a tourist attraction. This house is not extinct and still easy to find. The form of the traditional house of Dayak tribe stage. The size is adjusted by the number of family members who live in it. The more family members, certainly the larger it becomes.
The parts of the traditional house of Dayak
1. BuildingHouses indigenous Dayak tribe is divided into two rooms, namely a closed space checkered and open space called tanjuk or teeter.Closed space is used as a family room, bed girls, and a place to receive guests of women. Enclosed space can also be used as sleeping space for guests newly married women or already have children and a place to receive the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony.Open space is used to receive male guests, village meetings, and places to eat or drink the wine at the marriage ceremony.
2. Hall (Bale)Bale is a space with elongated shape of a width half the width of the house. Bale is used as a sleeping room for boys and male guests who are staying.
3. PagesThis page is an open space that extends and has no roof. Pages are typically used for drying and pounding rice, drying clothes, and a playground for children.
4. KitchenThe kitchen is located in the back bedroom and used as a space for cooking.
5. DoorBetang house has a door that very much, even the number could reach 40-60 door. This is because in the house occupied by dozens of family betang.
6. PolePole house betang made with high 3-5 meters above the ground. This pole is made intentionally high to protect from enemy attack or the beasts.
7. LadderStairs to the house is made from a round timber and used as a stamping or hierarchy.
Typical Characteristics betang house
1. Houses betang made with forms of houses on stilts and has a 3-5 meters high from the ground.
2. Houses betang describe Dayak unity in the lives of everyday people.
3. Inside the house there betang customary law because of all the personal and family affairs are set according to the agreement.


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