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Pdt. Mardonius Blantan (the first pastor of Dayak)

PDT. MARDONIUS BLANTAN (One pastor First Evangelical Church of Borneo)
Pdt. Mardonius Blantan was one of the first pastor in Kalimantan Evangelical Church (GKE), which was originally named the Evangelical Church Dajak (Gde = gereja dayak evangelis).
Pdt. Mardonius Blantan is a child to the two (II) of seven (7) brothers, his parents named Albert Blantan was a teacher and graduate of the Seminary of Depok Batavia became customary Demat Chief and Chief Kite Tamiang Region East Hamlet and his mother named Katarina who have children as follows: 1. Elizabeth 2. Mardonius 3. Hermione 4. Emilia 5. Emanda 6. Esra 7. Jeremiah
Pdt. Mardonius Blantan born in Tamiang Kite on May 13, 1904, educated at the Seminary Banjarmasin, then taught at the School Standards Tamiang Layang from 1924 until 1932. In 1933 called for continued education in the school chaplain at Banjarmasin.
On April 4, 1935 was ordained along with four (4) people associate him as the first pastor of the Dayaks in Kalimantan on DAJAK CHURCH evangelicals. (Which by the Rev.. Marko Mahin referred to as a "FIVE PENDEKAR Dayak") Then he was assigned to be pastor at Tewah Canto covering the area : 1. Five Banua 2. Tabalong 3. Upper River
In 1940 the Second World War broke out, missionary priests who came from Switzerland Bassel Zending repatriated to their home country, in that year Pdt. Mardonius Blantan moved to Tamiang Fly to implement the service. Services centered in Tamiang Layang (Resort) which includes the area: 1. Paju Sapuluh (Tamiang Layang) 2. Paju Epat (Telang) 3. Paku Karau (Ampah) 4. Five Banua 5. Tabalong 6. Upper River Up to the limit Bentot, Buntok and Muara Teweh. This area is very wide, and only one person is served by the pastor, the existing transportation at that time only a bike, but he serves the Lord with a sincere without complain and complain to win the souls of the Dayak people who still live with the original belief (Kaharingan.) In this ministry he was assisted by the "herald" (Evangelist), namely: Banua Region Five: Johan Migang Tabalong Region: Mursalim Paju Epat: Rodol Hill and Susie Andros Tamiang Kite: Abel Sanggen Paku Karau: Alfrit Halim
In 1957 he moved to Banjarmasin become Mr. Dormitory at School of Theology and became a lecturer at the Academy of Theology until his retirement. Back again to Layang Tamiang, still serving as pastors and Christian Religious Studies teaching in junior high and high school until he was sickly. And on July 15, 1980 he was called by God, the Father who has always been used as the Rock which he makes He always strong in the ministry. He is survived by his wife who is faithful He assisted in the ministry, a dedicated wife submitted herself for life and work of the Lord. He wife Mrs. Wihellie Anggen died in 2003 at the age of 94 years.
Similarly, a brief history of travel and Service Life Rev. Mardonius Blantan. This article was written by FERRY TUAHNU waning, based on the narrative's mother Anna Emelia Blantan-Waning and Bibinda Maritje Blantan-Warm. Dedicated to: 1. The late Pamanda BLANTAN FRANKLIN 2. The late Pamanda OSCAR BLANTAN 3. Bibinda MARITJE BLANTAN 4. Anna's mother Emelia BLANTAN 5. Bibinda CONELIA BLANTAN 6. The late Adrian BLANTAN Pamanda JOHANES 7. The late Mark Pamanda BLANTAN and the late Bibinda JULIDA BLANTAN (Twin) 8. Rosaline Bibinda BLANTAN 9. SOPHIA Bibinda BLANTAN 10. Bibinda YANIKA BLANTAN 11. My brethren beloved in the LORD JESUS CHRIST and the whole big family BLANTAN wherever located. 

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