Senin, 03 Januari 2011

Pangkalan Bun

Pangkalan Bun is located in the Kotawaringin Barat regency and is the areas capital. This area is in the west of Central Kalimantan. This is a busy little cultural town with plenty of hustle and bustle to see and take part in especially at the markets which are a brilliant place to find some unique and interesting items. There are many places of interest to visit including the grand Palace of Pangkalan Bun which is over 200 years old and made of ulin or iron-wood. This is extremely important to the local people as it is the only symbol of the Banjar royal legacy in Central Kalimantan. Other buildings include one of Indonesia's oldest mosques at over 300 years old which is found just a little way out in the Kotawaringin district and is named The Kyai Gede Mosque. From the wildlife perspective you can also visit Tanjung Puting conservational park which in conjunction with the WWF and is particularly interested in the conservation of the orangutans that inhabit the area and the reforestation of there home land.

There are many ways to travel around Borneo which is considered by some to be one the most difficult jungle areas to negotiate in the world. This may be true when attempting to cross the entire island but in Pangkalan Bun it is possible to hike and take boats to do most of your traveling and you will always have a guide with you at any point in a tour of the Pangkalan Bun area unless you have a free program. The local boats differ from some of the larger boats with simple sleeping quarters to bamboo rafts. You can try any of the styles you wish and even visit the floating market where you will really get a feel for the water based culture of these people. With your guide you will be able to see all aspects of the Pangkalan Bun area including the culture. This includes the long starched earlobe of some of the older people in the villages of the Dayak people as well as their performances and socializing with the locals. It is usually possible to tailor your tour to wildlife, hiking or the culture or embark on a tour that covers all of these areas and sometimes more.

There are many tours that stretch between a three day tour and a 20 day tour and all of these are available from anywhere in Indonesia as well as from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. There are many reasons to see this area but one of the most positive is that as well as seeing the beauty of the landscapes, the wildlife and the culture of the people around the Pangkalan Bun area, you will also be contributing in the money you spend and any further donations to the maintenance of all of the incredible beauty that you see.

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