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myth of Human Origins and Distribution of the Dayak

According to Dayak beliefs, especially those dipedalaman Kalimantan, which passed from mouth to mouth, from grandmother to father, from father to son, until now that is not written resulting in a more or less than that in truth, that the origins of Dayak ancestors was derived from the seventh heaven into this world with Palangka Bulau (Palangka means holy, clean, a shelf, as the stretcher is sacred, holy axle of gold down from the sky, often mentioned shelf or Kalangkang).According to the story of their ancestors originally descended from the sky into the world in four places in a row with Palangka Bulau, namely:1. In Tantan Puruk Pamatuan in Hulu Barito Kahajan andSo this is a man who first became datuknya Dayak people who descended on Tantan Puruk Pamatuan, which was named by Ranying: Antang Bajela Bulau or Tunggul Crisp Janjahunan Sea.From Antang Bajela Bulau then created two men who menteng ureh burly mammoth named Stomach or Maharaja Maharaja Bunu and Lanting or Sangen.
2. In Tantan Liang Puruk Kaminting Mangan (Hill Kaminting)By Ranying created an all-powerful, named Kerangkang Amban Sangiang buffer or Maharaja.
3. In Datah Takasiang, Hulu Rakaui river (River Malahui West Kalimantan)By Ranying created human 4 people, one male and three female, the male named Litih or Tiung Hold Road Flyover RACA RACA Tarusan Month Pukung Pahewan Jagan, who was instantly transformed into Djata and stay in the ground in the country named Danum Dohong fallen. Third daughter was named Kamulung Tenek Bulau, Kameloh Buwooy Bulau, Nyai Lentar Katinei Bulau.
4. In Puruk Kambang Land Siang (Barito Hulu)By Ranying created a princess named their dream or their dream in Tantan Puruk Nyai Kambang Land Siang Upper Barito.
DISTRIBUTION The Dayak:Dayak tribe is divided in 7 major tribes, and divided in 18 small tribes, and is divided in 405 ethnic kinship / sedatuk. The classification is:1. Dayak Ngaju (consisting of 4 small tribes and 90 tribal sedatuk)1. Dayak Ngaju (divided in 53 tribes sedatuk)2. Dayak Ma `anyan (divided into 8 tribes sedatuk)3. Dayak Dusun (divided into 8 tribes sedatuk)4. Dayak Lawangan (divided in 21 tribes sedatuk)
2. Apu Kayan Dayak (consisting of 3 small tribes and 60 tribal sedatuk)1. Dayak Kenya (divided in 24 tribes sedatuk)2. Kayan Dayak (divided into 10 tribes sedatuk)3. Dayak Bahau (divided into 26 tribes sedatuk)
3. Dayak Iban and Heban (divided into 11 tribes sedatuk)
4. Dayak Dayak Klemantan or Army (consisting of 2 small tribes and 87 tribal sedatuk)1. Dayak Klemantan (divided in 47 tribes seadtuk)2. Dayak Ketungau (divided in 40 tribes sedatuk)
5. Dayak Murut (consisting of 3 small tribes and 44 tribal sedatuk)1. Dayak Murut (divided in 28 tribes sedatuk)2. Dayak Idaan (divided into 6 tribes sedatuk)3. Dayak Tidung (divided into 10 tribes sedatuk)
6. Dayak Punan (consisting of 4 small tribes and 52 tribal sedatuk)1. Dayak Basap (divided in 20 tribes sedatuk)2. Dayak Punan (divided in 24 tribes sedatuk)3. Dayak Ot (divided into 5 tribes sedatuk)4. Dayak Bukat (divided into 3 tribes sedatuk)
7. Ot Danum Dayak (consisting of 61 tribes sedatuk)
LEGAL FORM indigenous DayakIn implementing the indigenous Dayak tribes, there are two streams, namely:1. Tersilah to worldlinessCustomary law is applicable in criminal cases, ethics and social communities. Customary law also adjudicate cases relating to the community for example: the problem of property, inheritance, marriage, divorce, the provisions of the heirs, the problem of children in divorce, property continence, the rights to land.
2. Tersilah to ReligionCustomary Law of Religious tersilah to punish anyone who has been insulting and defamatory matters relating to public confidence, for example: grave damage, damage pahewan, destructive joint plot, plot Pali damage, destroying the Indus, destroying stumbled, breaking the traditional Pali village while holds rutas, violate customary land when memalas Pali, Pali violate customary place of birth, violate customary Pali during treatment of the sick, damaging pangantoho (small house where the idol), plague berjinah with relatives, plague berjinah with mother / father, plague berjinah with cousin, damage Pantar.
Origin of name KalimantanDayak people have their own perspective on the history of his island, which was revealed in the oral tradition of the so-called breast Tatum. Breast Tatum is one of the Dayak indigenous literature, which means true tears wailed. Tatum breast sung songs and very popular with the ancestors of the Dayaks of Kalimantan, where it tells the state since the time of the marine, the era of the gods, about the war, genealogy, and others. While Borneo itself has a meaning:1. Kali = river, Ex = large (former Dayak language sangen meaning large), which ultimately means the island of Borneo which has a large river.2. Kalimantan = name compatriots acid fruit tree that is widely available in Borneo.3. Borneo from Brunei who was once called by the name Burnei so that eventually became Borneo.

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