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Melvin | by NN
 Melvin & Borneo Great Apes

Indonesia, especially Kalimantan much to be proud. Bestowed with a beautiful river landscape, exotic Dayak culture, a variety of natural forest wealth which are collectively known as a destination is also the world's lungs.
Kalimantan Earth have different types of gold content, including the very well known is the Black Gold, namely petroleum and coal, and Metals Gold, who is widely known as a material for jewelry and investment.
As known, these two types of gold tersebutlah become strut or source of income for most people in Borneo today, and is the largest source of foreign exchange for the government.
Both types of gold has properties that are not sustainable, in a sense very difficult to update again because of having to go through the process of natural formation that takes very long.
Both types of gold is also the center came under greater scrutiny amid kalutnya issue of global warming and green world campaign. The process of uptake which directly or indirectly change the way the Earth, uncovers the green areas and produce waste, encourage the degradation of other environmental elements.
Third Type of Kalimantan Gold
Among the thick jungle forests of Borneo, in secret foreign researchers, anthropologists have long pressed to find a third type of gold, which is renewable, unique, sustainable and high value investment.
Gold is they know as The Great Apes from Borneo. Hairy golden brown, alive and believed to be human ancestors. Gold is very expensive, kept, maintained, saved from possible extinction, even continued attention by millions of people from various parts of the world. Investigated and claimed as an important heritage of the world. Gold is known as the Orang Utan.
Ironically, when I talked to some high school student who is quite famous in Palangkaraya, the statement they make a surprise. For them the existence of Orang Utan embarrass themselves. Somehow the concept of presupposition that they had in mind, but Golden Brown is regarded as an improper part in Tambun Bungai earth. For the writer, this is a bad precedent, Kalimantan Gold's Chocolate is so valuable is considered trash by a handful of young people who lack of gratitude towards its natural grace.
Building the Collective Consciousness
WTO (World Tourism Agency, 2009) confirmed through its annual report that the rate of movement of tourists the world will reach 1.046 billion people in mid-2010. Just imagine how much potential revenue experienced by the country / region that has long ago become a magnet prepare to welcome the visit of 'tsunami' these tourists.
A few billion tourists have a majority view that travel is no longer in the form of mass tourism that relies on a sun, sea, and sand. But now turn to a special model of tourism that one of its manifestations is known by the name of Ecotourism (Ecotourism). And Kalimantan, known by international tourists as an important value Ecotourism Destinations (WWF Indonesia, 2008). Outbreaks of a green lifestyle (green lifestyle), the increased financial ability to explore a new world, the increasing awareness of conservation-based recreation (back to nature tourism), pushing the high sale value of ecotourism destinations such as Central Kalimantan with major tourist destinations such as Tanjung Putting NP, TN Sebangau, Nyaru Menteng, TN. Bukit Baka-Bukit Raya until the plan that the Muller-Schwaner as a National Park. It is proved that tourism branding Kalimantan began crystallized in the main model of Ecotourism. And ecotourism Kalimantan, can not be separated from the iconic Orang Utan as a great magnet for the creation of uniqueness, the differences without appeal.
Promote the Technology
Since 97an, WTTC (World Tourism and Travel Council), predicts that there will be two sectors increased drastically and contributing greatly to the world economy. That sector of Tourism and Information Technology sector. Time then to prove the realization of these predictions, the high use of computer and Internet technology that users reached 1.463 billion people (InternetWorldStats.com, 2007), with the graph reaches 305% increase in user / year. Where, 56% of tourists visiting an area to see through the internet first (Depbudpar, 2009), proving that both of these fields can not be separated from one another.
Effective utilization of Internet technology can not be ignored, are now easily people from various parts of the world (even the most remote though), can access, find out, dig up information on exotic destinations such as Borneo interesting ecotourism. Information technology had now not only the OS platform based on Java, Windows, and Macintosh, but now the technology innovator cyber surfers increasingly indulgent with easy access to information based on Android is fully open (open source).
When stakeholders ignore this factor, then do not be surprised to see the traffic and foreign exchange income from tourism can still be counted on the fingers.
Spirit of Togetherness Huma betang
Transmit the spirit of togetherness and cultural values are adopted from the spirit of Huma betang, has been movement in the present acceleration of the development. This value can also raise togetherness dijewantahkan in accelerating the development of tourism Kalimantan to occupy strategic positions in the international arena.
Reference theory Borderless Tourism (tourism without administrative boundaries) combined with the theory of Joint Promotion (promotion together) between the provinces of Kalimantan se, actually can be applied to conduct tourism promotion activities together but its annual event activities can be carried out in different times and different places. The 4 provinces in Kalimantan, which relies on the annual tourism event, it is worth organizing promotional activities jointly. Without losing the identity and at least be able to stem the rapid tourism madness neighboring countries such Malaysia and Brunei.
When the campaign was held together, then there is value that is obtained, including the creation of inter-sector mobilization and effort, focused target market, and progression of learning for the community tourism so as to mendongrak multiplier effect simultaneously.
It is inevitable that one of the causes of the progress of development is the implementation of these common values. So.Posted by Rio Setiawan Migang unders
Copyright: Borneo Tourism Watch [BTW]
(This article has been published in The Daily KaltengPos, 18-19 February 2010).

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