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Regent insisted Build Hydroelectric Power Plant on the River Setongah

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 08:57
LAMANDAU - BN: GOVERNMENT Regency (Regency) Lamandau persisted realize hydroelectric projects (hydropower) in the River Setongah, District Delang, although this location has been declared unfit by a consultant from the Page Dimension Ronakon Nazili. Previously, ... Late in the exposure Setongah River Hydroelectric Feasibility Study in Regional Development Planning Agency Meeting Facilities (Bappeda) Lamandau, Monday (13/12), Nazili mentioned that the generation capacity is only about 2 megawatts to 5 megawatts, River Setongah only feasible for mini hydropower. "From the aspect of hydrology and site, the feasibility Setongah River can only build the type of small hydro." In fact, according Nazili, from the economic aspect of this location can be said is not feasible. "That is because the range of plants with a user location far enough and the characteristics of potential users who are dominated by households." Even so, the Regents Lamandau Marukan persisted for the realization of this project. "Consideration of the government is certainly not solely on commercial terms but how quickly overcome the electricity shortage in this area," he said. According to him, the purpose pembangunana Setongah River hydropower is to create a welfare society. In addition, the project is in line with government policy in order to utilize alternative energy to support the conventional energy savings. "Of course by not ignore the consideration of the potential of natural resources (NR) and other supporting aspects." Marukan added, Lamandau as the new district should immediately make improvements of infrastructure, especially electricity problems. It is expected that in this way become a strategic step in improving quality of life and economic growth. (YH/B-3) 


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