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SA district that is located in the KAL-TENG.his right in the village of Mengkatip, kecamatan.dusun downstream, barito district south-central kalimantan Indonesia.the majority native population earns a meager living as a laborer mengkati concentrated (rattan), some also work as a fishing riveralthough there are a variety of faith / religion, but people tolerate each other inter-religious.because its location on the fringes of the river BARITO then transport that is in use is klotok (boat / canoe motorized) / speet boad.And barito river became the main access road to the city / county.inginke banjarmasin if we have to down the river until he came to kalanis.after that we took the bus that has been provided by PT.ADARO INDONESIA as public transport, and is limited in meaning there is a certain hour.from kalanis we go to MARKETS HEAT after traveling about 40 kmfrom the flying bridge hot market is a two-way destination city,if to the right toward the Kalua, Amuntai s / d BANJARMASIN.if the circumstances leading to the left direction TAMIYANG HIGHWAY,, AMPAH, Buntok / ESTUARY TEWEH.
Maybe because the location is somewhat isolated potential for the development of sub bit slow, but mengkatip (downstream village) is the oldest district in southern barito.But ecosystems are still awake beautiful mengkatipstretch of rubber fields, concentrated (rattan) and virgin forestfor the fishing mania mengkatip can be made a favorite place for fishing / ba 'unjun said people there!many anglers from out of town / area that came to it, from the promontory, Buntok, kalua etc.frequently caught fish such as catfish, winnowing, flat, catfish, pelican, etc. lais.
panoramic afternoon at pahuma'an (field / farm) is very exoticenjoy its beautiful sunset shoots among the forest foliage.
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