Selasa, 04 Januari 2011

Originally Kuyang ghost Central Kalimantan

Kuyang is an invisible form of a human head attached tothe content the body without the skin and limbs that can fly to find the baby's blood . These creatures are known to the public in Kalimantan. Kuyang actually a man (woman) who demanded the teachings of black magic to achieve eternal life. By day, a kuyang will take everyday life as an ordinary person, but he usually wore robes. At night kuyang will fly to find the baby's blood or blood delivery to inhaled as a means of increasing strength of its science. People who saw kuyang usually see it flying like a big bird. To confront victims need to use a broom fibers or banged home furnishings such as pot or pan. Kuyang can usually hereditary factors, rather than accuse sorry, but based on info dai comrades who had spent the night there are villages whose contents kuyang all, the village is not located on the edge of the river but far away from rivers or springs are sorry the name of the place we keep hope understandable yah gan ....

Oil Kuyang sometimes when we managed to catch kuyang then he will provide whatever we want provided we do not tell him to the crowd. Better ask my grandfather said it "oil kuyang" her just because she says what is said in the dabs of oil will be back again when we give to others, such as money that we apply the oil after we go shopping it will be back in itself into our hands and where the seller actually missing please be added or corrected if there is something wrong where Isen Mulang Petehku
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