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Orangutan Tour And Dayak Culture

Destination Information:
The Orangutan and Dayak Culture Tour is a six day tour beginning with a flight from Semarang to Pangkalan Bun in Central Borneo where you will land and instantly become immersed in the culture and natural beauty of the island. Your trip begins with a boat trip along the palm fringed coast away from the small airport and towards a nearby river that is the best transport route to head deep into the local un-spoilt jungle area to see the wildlife, the orangutan conservation projects and the local culture of the traditional villages along the river. The Orangutan and Dayak Culture Tour is one of the few tours that actually combines the feel and traditions of the locals with the viewing of the wildlife in the area.

The Orangutan and Dayak Culture Tour is based around traveling up the river in a traditional Klotok boat which will be the place of rest for most of the nights apart from when you visit the palaces and local villages where you will be a welcome guest and able to find hospitality. You do however always have the option of sleeping on land at the various lodges that are local close by the river. On your first day you will travel up viewing monkeys and other wildlife and stay on the boat or at the lodge and then after another two hours of driving you will reach the first orangutan project. At all of the orangutan projects you will have the opportunity to see the feeding time at 15.00 and learn about the differ treatment and tracking is used in different cases and also the problems faced by the conservation teams.

After this and a tour around the area you will lead onto the next stop off point where you will spend the night. All meals apart from when you area guests at the local villages are served on board the boat by the onboard chief. The next day you will move from camp Leakey and on towards Pondok Tanguy where you will see the older orangutans who are awaiting release back into the wild. After another overnight stay the 6 day Orangutan and Dayak Culture Tour then follows on by either revisiting the next camps or getting off the boat to hike in the jungle looking for wildlife. You will then have the opportunity to go for a nocturnal guided tour of the life around the area which is exciting and fascinating. The next two days are spent both viewing wildlife as well as the local cultures of the area where you will be invited to stay and take part in the evening gatherings and will be welcome to eat and sleep in the village with the villagers. On the last day you will head back down the river and around the coast to the airport for onward flight.

Tour Itinerary
Day 1 Pangkalan Bun - Orangutan
Day 2 Park - Camp Leakey - Boat/Lodge
Day 3 Park - Pondok Tangguy - Camp Leakey or Pesalat - Boat/Lodge
Day 4 Park - Kumai - Pangkalan Bun - Bakonsu Dayak Village
Day 5 Bakonsu Dayak Village - Tapinbini Village - Pangkalan Bun.
Day 6 Pangkalan Bun - End

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